About Rays S.A. Limited

Our Activity

We are a Consultancy Agency.
We build and manage Commercial and Residential Real Estate for private and legal entities investors. 

We Like to help our customers to constitute a tailor-made and diversified international real estate portfolio. 

Often on request of Investment Funds and Key Accounts or
High Net Worth Individuals, we conduct careful research in a
designated region or country.
Often also our agents and partners offer us business that seems interesting to them.
After careful study of our specialists we give our agreement or not.
Architects start plans, details. They are submitted to companies.

When all is ok, our specialists contact institutions and large
companies to submit long-term rental offers.
When agreements are signed, work can begin.
The building is integrated into our real estate portofolio.
Of course this process is very complicated and time consuming.

But we know how to do it. This is our job since 1999.

Core Values

We are conservative investors looking to generate stable income with very low risk.
Our properties generate stable and consistent cash flow to our investors.
Our investors receive a 7% annualized return.
All our Commercial Real Estate are rent for

LONG TERM (minimum 9 years)
to major brand.

How to start Earning

1 ) Registration

Free registration.
Create your own VIP account

2) Investment

Buy minimum one share  minimum value of € 150,000

4) Take your profit

7% minimum guaranteed each year on 1st of january










Renting for 9 years minimum to majors brands

Own shares of our commercial properties and receive a regular, passive income
Income guaranteed for investors: 7% NET p.a.

Why is it the best Investment?

A rigorous selection of buildings
A network of strong and effective partners
Property offered at fair value
The quality of the investment opportunities
Diversified international real estate portfolio
A to Z - Rental and technical management provided by our group.

Old Gloucester Street - LONDON WC1N 3AX - UK. Phone: + 44-203-318-23-35 / 7-977-659-97-97
Incorporated in England and Wales. Company registration no: 11090147.

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